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My Journey 

I am about to enter the third year of my Law degree (LLB) at University College London. It has been a challenging but exciting journey so far. After completing my GCSE's, I was certain that I wanted to pursue Law at University, so I chose A-levels that have some sort of association to law (although it generally doesn't matter what A-levels you choose when applying for law), which were Economics, Geography and English. When the UCAS application stage came around, I decided to apply to Cambridge, UCL, Kings, Warwick and Sussex. I received an interview for Cambridge where I ended up in the Winter Pool, and recieved offers from UCL, Kings, Warwick, and Sussex to study Law. I chose UCL as my first choice and Warwick for my second. To secure a place at UCL, I needed an A* and two A grades, and I ended up achieved A*A*A. I then joined UCL in 2021 and have been enjoying studying law ever since.


I chose to create this website in my second year as I realised that students from South-Asian backgrounds are under-represented in the sphere of law. In turn, I took it as my responsibility to provide advice and insights for students who want to follow in my footsteps and study law at university. Below is an example of the blog posts I provide to inform students, and I also provide sessions for students to assist them in their applications for studying Law. For more information, use the contact tab and get in touch with me. Thank you.

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