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About Desi Lawyer Journey

South Asians are underrepresented in the field of law. There is a lack of representation of South Asians in the legal profession, especially in higher-level positions and leadership roles. Many South Asian individuals face various barriers, including limited access to resources, cultural biases, and systemic challenges, which can hinder their entry and progression in the legal field. In light of this, Desi Lawyer Journey seeks to prove that anyone from a South Asian background can find success within the realm of law. 'My journey so far' can inspire students hoping to join a top university that doing so is not merely just a dream, but an achievable aspiration. Desi Lawyer Journey also provides students with free, accessible, and regular blogs which advise students on how to be successful in applications into University as well as into law firms. I also offer 1-1 and group sessions to mentor students who need extra support and guidance. For more information, use the contact tab and get in touch. Thank you!

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